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Planning designed to help you navigate your unique journey and instill confidence along the way

Navigate your unique financial journey with confidence. NFP is a progressive fee-only and advice-only financial planning firm that helps those looking to retire early navigate the challenges and unique planning considerations that come with early retirement.


Jake Stalder

Jake is a CFP® Professional located in Cedar Falls Iowa, serving the community and working virtually with clients across the country.  He specializes in providing hourly and ongoing financial planning services to self-sufficient investors, engaged and recently married couples, and financial planning engagements for small businesses.  He is motivated to partner with those who have a financial independence mindset to help them reach their goals. 

What we offer

Clear and concise advice based on your unique situation – that's what we're all about.  Navigate Financial Planning is an advice-only planning firm. Trust us to help you navigate your financial future.

Project Based Planning

Pay only for what you need - no ongoing fees. Customized services designed to meet you where you are in life. Get a detailed action plan and valuable resources tailored to your needs.

Ongoing Planning

Partner with us for ongoing comprehensive financial planning. Get monthly guidance from a dedicated financial planner who covers all areas of your financial planning. Let's reach your goals together.




These values are the fundamental beliefs and principles that drive decisions and shape how Navigate Financial Planning interacts with its customers. Our values provide a compass, giving us direction and guiding us in everything we do.


Schedule a complimentary fit meeting to discuss your financial goals and how we can partner with you to help you achieve them.

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