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Navigate Financial Planning believes in providing a transparent and collaborative approach to working with clients. The goal is to understand each client's unique situation and meet them where they are in life to provide tailored financial advice that goes beyond traditional investment strategies.

$225 Per hour

This service is intended for individuals who seek monthly guidance from a financial planner in all areas of financial planning.  It is designed to be a partnership between you and I, that is empowering and enriching as time goes on.

This ongoing engagement is for individuals who seek to gain confidence in their financial futures down the road.  The ultimate goal with this engagement is that you arrive at a point where you are fully self-confident and knowledgeable about your financial plan.  We will discuss short and long term outlooks, big decisions on investing, retirement, and taxes throughout this engagement. This service is designed for engaged and recently married couples, young professionals, and individuals going through a tough life transition such as a loss of a loved one. 

$600-1,200 (Paid Quarterly)

Hourly Planning

You pay only for the time you need to utilize my services.  There are no ongoing fees in this arrangement.  It is designed to meet you where you are at in life.  I provide a detailed action plan and valuable resources at the end of the engagement customized to your needs.  

I offer a $1,125  (5 Hour)  starter package for those who have never worked with an advisor designed to be a way to introduce you to what's its like to work with a financial planner.

For a custom built comprehensive plan I charge between 16 and 20 hours, or $3,600 and $4,500 depending on complexity.


Ongoing Planning

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