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Navigate Financial Planning believes in providing a transparent and collaborative approach to working with clients. The goal is to understand each client's unique situation and meet them where they are in life to provide tailored financial advice that goes beyond traditional investment strategies.

Meet Jake

Jake is a CFP® Professional located in Cedar Falls Iowa, serving the community and working virtually with clients across the country.  He specializes in providing hourly and ongoing financial planning services to self-sufficient investors, engaged and recently married couples, and financial planning engagements for small businesses.  He is motivated to partner with those who have a financial independence mindset to help them reach their goals.

Jake graduated from Iowa Wesleyan University in southeast Iowa with a background in psychology and business administration in 2014.  Jake earned his CFP® certification in 2021.  He has worked in the industry for the past 9 years, mainly serving clients in the Cedar Valley, Des Moines, and southeast Iowa, along with clients across the country.

Jake and his wife enjoy traveling, skiing, biking, and are overall outdoor enthusiasts.  He gives back to his local community through pro-bono financial planning to non-profit organizations and individuals who otherwise are not able to afford financial planning.

As a registered investment advisor, Jake holds an oath to act in your best interests and provide transparency to every recommendation he provides. 

Fee-only advisors never earn a commission from a specific recommendation or sale of a product, are independent of large banks or insurance products, and legally sworn fiduciaries. This means they are legally obligated to provide you recommendations that are in your best interest.  I personally hold this high standard for any client that I work with.


What to Expect when you work with NFP

Navigate Financial Planning is a Fee-Only/Advice Only Financial Planning Firm.  Meaning I focus on providing clear and concise advice to you based on your unique situation.  I am not compensated by commissions, or additional fees based on recommendations we provide around products or investment strategies.  

When working with me you can expect a transparent working engagement where I meet you where you are at in life.  I believe in creating a dialogue where expectations are mutually understood, and serving others in a way that raises the expectations/norm of a financial advisor/client relationship.  My advice is curtailed to provide you with more life satisfaction, and ventures into areas beyond the traditional investment based engagements.


  1. Schedule a 30 minute intro call on our website to discuss your path, needs, and how you wish to work with an advisor.  If we determine that we may not be the best fit for your needs, we'll refer you to other advisors within our network who may be a better fit.

  2. Discovery Meeting: We take a deeper dive into your personal life goals.  We establish accountability and define mutual expectations, your specific short and long term goals, and create an action plan in this step.

  3. Initial Planning Meeting: In this meeting, we dive deeper into your main priorities, and get any documents needed to begin the planning process.

  4. About halfway through creating an initial plan, I conduct a short check in with you to present initial findings, and you ask any questions that may have come up as a result of our planning so far.

  5. I finalize and we review our findings in a collaborative manner.  We will review all action items, implementation steps, and go over your detailed plan.  We will also determine next steps, and see if it makes sense to work together on an ongoing basis.

  6. We will have a monthly review of various planning needs outlined in our service calendar and two in person or virtual review meetings each year.

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